MFT Challenge Disc - Now with Bluetooth for Apple iPad, iPhone, MAC, Android and Windows.


The MFT Challenge Disc analyses balancing skills and through the app becomes a fitness trainer with training and therapy programs, which together with training games, leads to success.
New Challenge Disc 2.0 now with Bluetooth Sensor!

STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY The patented movement mechanism enables athletes, pensioners and children find the training level perfectly attuned to them.
HEALTHY JOINTS, HEALTHY BACK Training with Challenge Disc also strengthens those small muscles which surround and protect the joints and spinal column.
FASTER RESPONSE AND MOVEMENT COORDINATION Faster responses reduce the risk of injuries in sport and in old age.
IMPROVED MOTOR SKILLS Well-coordinated muscles move with more precision and need less energy.



Challenge Disc 2 Versionen


MFT Challenge Disc News

Challenge Disc 2.0 world première on 15.04.2016

The smart MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 contains motion sensors with a Bluetooth module for wireless communication with an iOS, MAC, Android or Windows mobile device or notebook.

These athletes train with the MFT Challenge Disc

Athletes at the Olympic Centre Campus Sport Tirol Innsbruck,, as well as athletes from the Austrian, German and Swiss Ski Federations train with MFT training devices.

Where can I purchase the MFT Challenge Disc?

The MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 is currently only available in our own MFT Online Shop

The MFT Challenge Disc USB is also available at other dealers as well as in the online shop